“Deeply felt convictions and first-rate craftsmanship— craftswomanship…illustrates film's power. Time and contrivance fall away when an excellent actor named Raúl Arévalo rehearses the role of the Dominican monk Father Montesinos, who denounced from the pulpit the abuses of crown and church alike. "I am a voice crying in the wilderness," Father Montesinos says, echoing John the Baptist. Suddenly the New World wilderness seems present, and the priest's anguished voice rings with urgency"

—Joe Morgenstern, The Wall Street Journal

“Splendidly panoramic...a grandeur and a force reminiscent of Terrence Malick films." Critics Pick!

—Stephen Holden, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Considering how ambitious it is, how many different narrative strands it employs... [it] does a remarkably good job keeping its disparate elements involving and in harmony."

—Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

EVEN THE RAIN - Washington Post Review - 3.5/4 stars - Critic's Pick! read »

"With her latest feature, director Icíar Bollaín has added to the list of excellent films about filmmaking, including SUNSET BOULEVARD, HEARTS OF DARKNESS and THE PLAYER. In TAMBIÉN LA LLUVIA (EVEN THE RAIN), a film crew led by producer Costa (Luis Tosar) goes to Bolivia in 2000 to shoot an epic period film about Christopher Columbus’s dark side—his obsession with hoarding gold and his indifference to the native peoples who dared to resist his colonialism." read »

—Matthew Hays, Montreal Mirror

"EVEN THE RAIN reminded me in one of the most masterful ways I have ever seen, that the Indigenous people are still being dehumanized in the 21st Century. Great performances were given by everyone involved. What a Movie!"

—Edward James Olmos

"EVEN THE RAIN is a brilliant movie. At a time when the poor of the world seem to be rising up, I found myself deeply moved and completely enthralled by this film. I encourage everyone in search of a great movie to go see EVEN THE RAIN."

—Michael Moore, Filmmaker

“There is much here to savor, including scenes reminiscent of the best of Werner Herzog and Costa-Gavras, Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie, and Jorge Sanjines’ Yawar Maliku (Blood of the Condor). There is a superb performance by Karra Elejalde as Anton, the hard-drinking actor playing Christopher Columbus in the film within a film, and Laverty (who, I suspect, “appears” in an off-screen cameo as one of Costas’ investors) bravely navigates some tricky narrative shoals.”

—Berkeleyside, John Seal

“It's a luxury to have three beautiful male actors fighting for hearts and minds. Gael Garcia Bernal gets a run for his money from his co-stars, especially newcomer Aduviri as the pint-sized water activist. There is a late scene where Costa tries to get Sebastian over a depression that's left him temporarily bedridden. No, they don't go there, but one can fantasize – it's the ultimate reason we keep going to the movies.

—David Lamble, The Bay Area Reporter